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Lined up wind turbines

Remote Blade Inspections

Remote blade inspections

Remote inspections such as ground-based and drone, allow for efficient data capture and analysis that is then used to deploy further investigative procedures or repairs.

Ground-Based Inspections


Through our ground inspections, we use a high-powered telescopic lens to take high-definition photographs of your blades while they are still.

Drone Inspections

We can also use a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) drone to take closer photos and gather more data, if needed.

We are able to carry out drone inspections through man-operated or autonomous means. For more information, visit our Wind Turbine Drone Inspection page

Cost Effective & Efficient

The very nature of our remote inspections mean they are not only cost effective, but can also save money.

These methods allow us to spot any areas of damage, such as cracks or coating erosion, and only deploy the necessary solutions, keeping costs and disruptions to operations to a minimum.

Very happy with the service provided. We had a structural blade crack and could not get a replacement blade! Renewable Field Services came, reviewed it and structurally rebuilt the blade in no time!

   -  Charlotte

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