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Wind Turbine Drone Inspections

Drone inspections

Our UAV-based inspections give you wind turbine imagery and data, providing the necessary information for future blade repairs.

Onshore & Offshore Services

Renewable Field Services' autonomous wind turbine drone inspections capture the highest-quality blade data, ensuring you have the reports and insights needed to manage the safety of your onshore or offshore wind turbines.

We will assist you in every aspect and help identify what is necessary to repair any damaged turbine blades.

Once the wind turbine data is uploaded, it will be made available to you, the client, within 7 business days after drone inspection completion through our Windmanager™ app.

Drone Inspections
Autonomous Drone Inspection Services

Autonomous Drone
Inspections for Wind Turbines

Our UAVs capture high-resolution imagery through autonomous or manual wind turbine drone inspections across Onshore and Offshore wind sites.

Our drone operators are qualified engineers and CTs (Competent Technicians), meaning imagery of the three blades can be taken across all four sides while only stopping the wind turbine once.

Blade Defect Assessment and Repair Template (DART)

Our DART system provides you with a breakdown of wind turbine repair prioritisation, along with a comprehensive defect-by-defect price for any wind turbine and/or blade repairs required.

DART example
Renewable Field Services Blade Repair

In-house offering

With Blade Experts who have over 25 years of industry experience reviewing your data; they can assign the damage category and type, provide recommended repair actions and then send a team of our Blade Technicians to repair the damage.

Drone Operators

Renewable Field Services Drone Operator

Sam Bullock

Drone Operator

Renewable Field Services Drone Inspection Operator

James Gowland

Drone Operator

Our Drones

12 m/s Max Wind Resistance

55 min Max Flight Time

DJI Matrice 300

DJI Matrice 300
DJI Mavic 2 Zoom

8-10 m/s Max Wind Resistance

31 min Max Flight Time

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom

DJI Inspire V2Pro

DJI Inspire V2 Pro

10 m/s Max Wind Resistance

27 min Max Flight Time

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Wind turbines

Very happy with the service provided. We had a structural blade crack and could not get a replacement blade! Renewable Field Services came, reviewed it and structurally rebuilt the blade in no time!

   -  Charlotte

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