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Close up blade inspection

Close Up Blade Inspections

Our Close Up Inspections can be carried out either by Rope or a MEWP team and allow us to gather highly detailed information about the condition of various aspects of your turbines and blades.

Detailed Investigation

Close up inspections are the ideal companion to remote inspections and can be undertaken when remote inspections identify potential defects.


We can then carry out further investigations to ascertain the extent of the defect, and suggest suitable recommendations for further actions including inspections and repairs.

Mobile Elevated Work Platforms

At Renewable Field Services, we can conduct close up inspections through two different procedures:


  • A Mobile Elevated Work Platform, or MEWP, team, and

  • Rope Access.

These methods allow our engineers to get into close quarters with any defects and put them in the best position to ascertain the severity of any defects.

Wind turbines

Very happy with the service provided. We had a structural blade crack and could not get a replacement blade! Renewable Field Services came, reviewed it and structurally rebuilt the blade in no time!

   -  Charlotte

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