Blade Bearing Inspections

Our Blade Bearing Inspections can quickly and efficiently determine whether there are any risks or defects to your blades, and ensure their smooth and safe operation

Assess and Analyse

Through an effective combination of visual and dye penetrant testing, we are able to undertake inspections of your blade bearings to ascertain if there are any cracks or damage to them, as well as determine whether they are at risks of cracking, and then take remedial or preventative measures to keep them operational.

Low Disruption

These tests are designed to cause as little disruption to the operation of the the turbine as possible, avoiding any down time as much as possible, and keeping it to a minium if it is needed.

Very happy with service provided. We had a structural blade crack and could not get a replacement blade! RFS came, reviewed it and structurally rebuilt the blade in no time!

   -  Charlotte