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Blade inspection


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Renewable Field Services is the UK’s leading expert in blade repair, blade inspection and turbine maintenance. With a background in blade manufacture, our knowledge of composites is second to none.

We have extensive experience of working on blades from all major manufacturers, both onshore and offshore, and can perform a wide variety of inspections to keep your blades in their best condition.

Renewable Field Services delivers knowledge, experience and engineered practical solutions to ensure your most valuable asset is kept in optimum condition.

Onshore & Offshore Blade Inspections

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Wind Turbine
Drone Inspections

Close Up Blade

Remote Blade

Blade Bearing Inspections

Very happy with the service provided. We had a structural blade crack and could not get a replacement blade! Renewable Field Services came, reviewed it and structurally rebuilt the blade in no time!

   -  Charlotte

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