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Kiosk Roofs


Natural Power is an independent consultant and service provider who work exclusively on green energy projects.

We had a strong, existing relationship with Natural Power, and already carried out regular blade repair work for them.

We became aware of the challenge after repair work had to be paused due to the collapse of some kiosk roofs due to challenging weather conditions.

We were able to offer a solution to Natural Power: we would research, test, manufacture and install replacement kiosk roofs that would be stronger and able to withstand the elements.

They engaged our services at Crystal Rig and Brockloch Rig in Scotland. 


The kiosk roofs that sit at the bottom of the wind turbine generator (WTG) were degrading and failing completely due to storms, high winds and snow, exposing the transformer switchgear to the elements.


This was a problem for all the kiosk roofs manufactured in plywood and glass reinforced plastic (GRP) across multiple sites.

A potential manufacturing defect in the plywood and GRP construction meant that an alternative manufacturing solution was needed to make the roofs stronger and eliminate the problem of water damage. 


After researching and testing multiple designs in our manufacturing facility, we came up with a design modification that eliminated the problem of water getting between the layers of ply and causing damage.

We also used a chop spray machine during the manufacturing process, as this not only reduced the production time, but produced a water-tight structure.

We designed the roof in 2 parts, to ensure easy transportability and installation.

Once the roofs were ready, we visited all sites and installed them, each roof taking just one day to complete.

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Natural Power was delighted with the effectiveness and rapid deployment of the solution.

Shortly after completing the project on the initial sites, Natural Power urgently requested more roofs at another site. 


We had continued manufacturing the roofs and were able to respond quickly, installing 12 replacement roofs in a matter of days.

Since then, we have continued to develop the technology, and have been able to produce a longer term solution by manufacturing a stronger, much more durable replacement.  

We are in ongoing discussions with the client to replace kiosk roofs across multiple sites. 

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