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Newcastle College Partnership


Renewable Field Services have been working with students from Newcastle College to give them insight into working in the Wind Industry.

At the end of January, we first visited Newcastle College students; we delivered a talk, questions and answers session with some of our Wind Turbine technicians. Students were keen to know more about the renewables industry and had some great questions! Additionally, we invited along our colleague from Safer at Work, who explained a little more about the safety training involved in becoming a wind turbine technician and how to enter the industry.

A few weeks later, we took some students to the Port of Blyth Wind Farm so they could experience elements of the wind industry directly. First of all, they had the opportunity to find out more about how wind turbines operate by experiencing the working conditions found inside a wind turbine nacelle.

Next, we talked about the importance of data and data processing; explaining how this data can be gathered and utilised for efficient work reports. Then after a quick trip inside the bottom of a model wind turbine, we finished with a drone demonstration and the opportunity for students to try their skills at drone flying. Although the flying took some getting used to, the students were naturals by the end!

It has been an excellent opportunity for us to share our knowledge and passion for the wind industry with the next generation. We look forward to the many opportunities to work with Newcastle College and its students in the future!


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